Cricket Player Manager

Why does my player retire early? Why do I need to buy shares?

I've been getting the same questions a lot lately, so I thought I would answer them.

1) Why does my player retire early?

Firstly, you are the manager of the player, not the player. So, the player makes the final decision. Your player can actually play until 40, but it gets harder to manage your player as he gets older. So, here are some tips to prolong longevity.

- Don't always train your player with high intensity (give your player a break). This increases the chance of injury, tires your player, and can lower mentality.
- Hire a Performance Analyst and listen to the feedback. Only focus on the areas you need to. If your player is more of a batsman, than only focus on these areas.
- Ensure you have hired Level 4 staff (or Level 2 Sport Psychologist).
- Look out for random e-mails that improve longevity (they appear). Although expensive, taking up these offers such as dedicated physio sessions help prolong the career.
- At a certain age, your players attributes will decline. So, use banked up attribute points to ensure these attributes are topped up.
- Ensure mentality is always high. Hire a Level 2 Sports Psychologist and send your player on a holiday if you get the chance.
- If your player is dropped from the national team, the game ends. So, ensure your player performs well each year.

The game does get more difficult as you would be boring if you just clicked next and scored centuries each match!

2) Why do I need to buy shares?

You are the manager. The end game is to get the most out of your player, but also make money and invest. In my opinion, the more money you make, the more you succeed in this game. The players you manage in the game are randomised. You might get a Tendulkar or a player who barely makes it to the national side. Your job is to get the most out of the player and make as much money as you can.

3) Why do my attributes max out?

Each player is different and has different potential. So, your player may reach potential in a certain attribute. However, there are ways to increase the potential of most of the attributes. For example, giving money to charity will increase the 'heart' potential. Always read your messages, because a lot of these are tied to ways to increase potential in your player whether it be ability, match intelligence etc. Although your player is random at the start, you can change your player.

The other day, I decided to play the game (first in a long time). Yes, I know the ins and outs, but here is my player ( He had a great career and retired at age 36. However, I should of made a lot more money!

After searching the current online records, the 4th player I clicked on retired at 38. So, it goes to show that your player can have quite a long career! (

You will find more tips in the help file: